SIM only deals with unlimited data

Unlimited data is a term that is thrown around liberally in the mobile world. Just about every provider has some sort of deal that promises to have more data than will ever be needed, but unlimited doesn’t always mean what it might sound like. The main networks such as EE, Vodafone, O2 and Virgin all offer what they claim to be large data allowances, but in actual fact, 2GB-4GB a month is not likely to last the duration when one film can use up around 600mb. There are, however, some out there that do give truly unlimited data, or at least more than will mostly ever be needed.


Which carriers offer an unlimited data SIM?



Giffgaff, a relative newcomer to the mobile world, took the country by storm in quite a short amount of time thanks to its ridiculously low tariffs, easy set up and no requirement for a contract. One of the first networks to offer truly unlimted data, this was soon cut thanks to its overwhelming popularity to a rather small, quietly advertised 6GB allowance. Currently, Giffgaff offer several goodybags which last 30 days, but the good news is that their £20 goodybag means users can once again have ‘always on’ data with no cap. However, a ‘traffic flow’ clause means that users will see their data slow down remarkably during what Giffgaff deem to be ‘busy hours’, and large amounts of traffic use will cause a temporary bar put in place to keep the service fairly and evenly accessible to all. Furthermore, this also specifically bars any kind of tethering and the goodybag does not cover overseas use. For £20 a month, this is a good, solidly sized amount of data but not suitable for anyone wanting this as their main internet connection.


Once previously seen as small fry in mobile circles, Three have now cornered the ‘unlimited data’ market by offering just that; truly a unlimited data SIM. For £20 a month, users can literally use as much data as they want without fear of any kind of traffic shaping measures, and with faster speeds than most other UK networks can offer for a data package of this size.

But Three’s bundle doesn’t just stop at offering ‘all you can eat’ (their words) data. Included in the £20 cost is a tethering allowance of 4GB, which is rather unique in a world awash with networks trying to stop their SIMs being used in dongles. Furthermore, Three currently have a rather large list of countries where the bundle can be used at no extra cost. These tend to be the main holiday destinations; Spain, France, the USA and around 15 others, but overseas usage at no extra cost is a game changer. And the best part of this overseas usage is that it also covers data; no more expensive add-ons to be bought specifically for holiday, and no more running around to find a WiFi hotspot in a foreign town.

Of all the networks offering unlimited data, Three really are the only one to live up to their promise, and at the same price as their nearest rival, there really is no competition.