How Tethering Can Save on Line Rental Costs

Every household is concerned in regards to minimising their monthly bills in terms of telephone and Internet service. In the past, it was likely that individuals would pay separate charges in terms of landlines, Internet access and mobile phone payment plans. Not only was this inefficient, but it could prove to be quite expensive when we consider that a typical line rental costs (on average) £17 pounds a month. This is not including a dedicated Internet subscription and a standard telephone calling plan. There is one option which is known as tethering. Why is tethering worthwhile in terms of home-based Internet access and what are some of the benefits associated with this method?

A Closer Look at Tethering

As the name suggests, tethering can be defined as using one device to connect other disparate systems such as a laptop or a broadband connection. Tethering can avoid the multiple costs incurred when paying for several different services. These normally include a dedicated Internet connection, line rental fees and of course, a mobile device such as a smartphone. Another disadvantage associated with this type of service is that the costs of each provider will tend to be much higher when compared to if they were all combined into one monthly fee. As mentioned before, the average line rental further adds to these expenditures. Tethering avoids such aggravations.

Mobile Phone Contracts and Tethering Home Devices

The process of mobile phone tethering to access other services has become increasingly popular during the past few years. This has partially arisen from the fact that most phones now support massive amounts of data while streaming speeds are quite similar to those which were offered by standard broadband connections in the past. Access to 3G and 4G data pipelines has further contributed to the appeal of this option.

An “All-in-One” Package Deal

One of the stipulations which should be taken into account is the data allowance offered by a specific SIM contract. Many phones now offer incredibly large amounts of bandwidth during a standard monthly contract. These deals can then be used as a viable replacement for multiple Internet connection and line rental costs. Furthermore, keeping track of data usage is much easier. As all of the details of a service plan are provided in a centralised fashion, the customer can quickly see his or her usage. This is also an excellent way to eliminate surprising fees at the end of a billing cycle.

Efficient and Effective

Line rental costs can represent a significant portion of any monthly bill. Tethering a mobile phone and its current data plan together with home-based Internet usage is a very effective way to reduce these costs. As opposed to being concerned in regards to mobile contracts, home Internet contracts and a rather exorbitant line rental fee, a great deal of money can be saved by choosing this option. Thankfully, a growing number of providers are offering tethered services as an alternative to more traditional (and separate) contracts.