How to get internet access with no phone line?

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How to get internet access with no phone line?

How do I get an internet or broadband without a phone line is a question that may have often popped up in your mind. If you want the internet without a phone line, there are several ways in which you can acquire one.  However, before you decided to procure internet access without a phone line it is important that you know the three main ways of connecting to the internet.  This includes the ADSL, 4G mobile, broadband and cable. Your connection options will also be subject to where you are located. Your connection options will, therefore, depend on the location of your area and whether the hi-speed internet is available in your place. Based on this information you can check out which company is giving you the best deal via uSwitch.

Coming to your question of whether you need a phone to run your internet connection, the answer is that among all the connection types mentioned above the ADSL is the most popular in the UK. However, the ADSL required BT phone lines to transmit data. The good thing about ADSL is that you can enjoy a high-speed internet if you are willing to take a landline. This is suitable for areas where fibre-optic hasn’t made its mark. However, this is a downside for those who are not willing to use a phone line.

If you are looking for the internet without a phone line then mobile broadband could be a solution for you.  This is a good option for those looking to use basic services like Facebook email and Skype, however, a mobile broadband may not be a suitable choice for heavy internet users. You can connect to mobile broadband through a dongle or through tethering your mobile. Tethering a mobile is the process of connecting it to a laptop and using it as a gateway to the internet. The best part about using a mobile broadband is its portability. Be it in the train, car or someplace else you can always carry the USB with you. If the mobile internet is your thing then you could explore the packages offered by Three, EE, O2, and Vodafone.

Fibre Optic broadband is yet another way to escape the phone line situation. However, a fiber optic connection depends on which area you are based. If the area where you are based supports a fiber optic connection then this is the best deal providing a high speed of 300mbps and is ideal for heavy internet users.

So far Virgin Media is the only company that provides a fiber optic broadband without a phone line. However, Virgin Media’s packages on a nonline rental are much more expensive than a phone line rental. Also, it is important to check if the area where you are located supports a Virgin media connection before you get in touch with them for your internet without a phone line.



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