Streaming Netflix on Mobile Data

Typically, an hour of streaming movies or live TV shows on Netflix consumes about 1 GB of data, and this is only if you stream with the standard definition video settings. The consumptions scale up to 3 GB per hour when watching the same content on HD video. As you may know, this may not be good news for Netflix members who depend on a monthly bandwidth Internet service capped at says 50 GB. This is why we have come up with several ways of cutting down on your data usage without really missing what Netflix offers today.

One of the common approaches is to adjust data usage settings such that the bandwidth is reduced when watching Netflix. The online platform offers four streaming options namely: low that consumes 0.3 GB every hour, medium that goes for 0.7 GB per hour, high consuming up to 7 GB with Ultra HD per hour, then there is the auto adjust features that goes with your current Internet speed. While there are several unlimited broadband packages out there that literally allow you to use as much data as you need and really a good catch for family use, these packages are somehow controlled too.

When shopping for the kind of Internet package you need, the most important factor is the amount of data you consume each month. This easily directs you instead of jumping the gun and going for the unlimited package, it is not cheap either. Also, consider the download limits and the capped usage range.

For individuals who do a lot of watching films online, downloading latest TV series, playing games online or even listening to music via cloud services, the best package would be unlimited Internet. This happens to be the case in most households and partly why we are introducing the all-you-can-eat data plan.

This monthly plan is common with The One Plan and the Ultimate Internet Plan users. As such, it is considered one of the best options considering it offers all the Internet you need when at home, UK, and up to 12 GB when you are on holiday; not so many companies give roaming Internet services without an additional charge. The all-you-can-eat data package also gives you access to TrafficSense, easy access to an affordable personal hotspot use in a Feel At Home destination. TrafficSense goes a long way to monitor data usage in your devices hence enabling you to identify the appropriate plan in the future.

Today, all-you-can-eat data plans are common with SIM plans too. Take this chance to invest your money appropriately by choosing all-you-can-eat data packages and experience the best of Netflix. No more poor video quality or worrying about your cap.