The Best SIM Only Deals October 2017

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New mobile owners, and users coming to the end of a contract would do well to consider a SIM-only deal. A SIM-only deal allows you to retain your smartphone, and take advantage of the several attractive and cheap deals available now.

A SIM-only deal essentially charges a monthly fee for a set amount of calls, texts, and data. It does not come bundled with a smartphone, resulting in low costs, and hence flexibility to change the plan at-will.

The following is a run-down of the best SIM-only deals in vogue now.

iD Mobile’s one-month contract offers 250 MB data, 250 minutes of talk time, and 5000 texts for just £4 per month, making it the cheapest available SIM-only deal in the UK. Another plan, which offers 1 GB data, 500 minutes talk time, and 5000 texts for 30 days, costs marginally more at £5 per month.

Paying a few pounds extra per month offers markedly more data and talk time. Three’s SIM-only deal for 12-month contract offers 4GB data, unlimited minutes and texts, for £9 per month. High data users may opt for the 12GB per month data contract, with unlimited calls and text, costing £12 per month. This is a sweet spot between high data and cheap monthly bill.

Vodafone’s 12-month SIM-only contract is marginally better, offering 8 GB data and unlimited calls and texts, for just £8.75 per month. The catch is users needing to pay more upfront, and receive a cash back worth £99 from retailer e2save, making the real monthly value of the offer £8.75. Vodafone’s 12-month contract for 20 GB data and unlimited calls, and unlimited text is equally attractive, costing just £11.75 per month, after cashback. The £99 cashback for this offer is from This plan also throws in access to Sky Sports mobile, Now TV, or Spotify Premium, and also the option to use the allowances overseas, in 50 countries, free of cost.

Up to 4 GB data is ample for users who not access the internet extensively. Such limited data plans are best suited for Google Maps route planning, checking emails and WhatsApp messages, accessing a few apps from time-to-time, and other non-intensive use of the Internet.

Extensive data hoggers, however, would prefer unlimited data plans. The best offer here is from Three, which offers a 12-month contract with unlimited data, unlimited text, and 200 minutes of talk time, for £22 per month. This plan is the best option for people who indulge in epic Pokémon Go quests, Netflix marathons and indulge in other data-heavy tasks. Three’s 30GB data offer, bundled with 600 minutes of talk time, and unlimited texts, at £18 per month, is equally good. In fact, Mobile Choice Awards 2017 has selected this offer for its Best Phone Deal award.

EE’s 12-month SIM only deal is also worth a consideration. The plan offers 20 GB data, unlimited data, and unlimited text, at £21 per month. What makes this offer hold its ground amidst cheaper offers from competitors is EE’s super fast 4G speeds.

O2’s SIM-only deal is a 12-month contract, offering 10 GB data, unlimited calls, and unlimited text, for £19 per month. While the offer is not very attractive compared to others on offer, regular O2 customers may want to stick on, to take advantage of several priority rewards, such as cheap lunches and first dibs on gig tickets, O2 offers for its loyal customers.

Mobile users are spoilt for choice when it comes to SIM-only deal. While the general impression is of SIM only deals being cheaper than a regular contract, subscribers have to look into the finer details of each option, to ensure they do get the best value on offer.

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