Why choose a SIM only deal over a contract deal?

SIM Only deals are rising in popularity over contract deals for a variety of reasons. People are tired of overpaying and under receiving from lengthy contracts that they become trapped in for months upon months. As the desire to escape the bonds of long contracts grows, more cell phone users are opting for alternative plans such as SIM Only deals. They are a great way to get a plan that suits your needs as you need it.

Below are the top three reasons to choose a SIM only deal over a contract deal.

Choose the Plan that’s Right for You

One of the major issues with contract deals is that once you sign up for a plan, you are usually committed to it for next 12, 24 or even 36 months, or face paying fees to change your options. The fact is that life changes faster than a cell phone plan, and contract deals take advantage of that. The benefit of SIM only plans is that it is easy to change even as frequently as monthly, which means you can modify your plan to fit your needs as they arise.

Save Money On Every Bill

SIM Only deals are less expensive than contract deals. The service provider does not need to balance out the cost of a phone by passing on surcharges to the customer. This means that their service charges are lower and you can save even more money by using any phone that is compatible with the SIM card. You can also save by choosing and changing plans to what you can afford at the time without the need for a committal to stand by it for 2 or more years.

Choose the Phone You Want

With SIM Only deals, you do not need to get a phone, which means you can choose what you want to use without paying for an unnecessary upgrade. Contract deals often pressure people into getting a new phone with their contract, under the guise that it only costs 0$ or some other low amount. The truth is that many people are happy and comfortable with the phone they have, or they are holding out until the release of a specific model. SIM Only deals give the customer the freedom to use any phone they want, and they only need to upgrade when the time is right for them.